Imperial Panties/Pantyhose & Socks


Do you crave the intoxicating scent of a beautiful dominant woman?

Do you fantasize of wrapping your cock in pantyhose while you deeply sniff their sweet, soaking gusset?

Does the very pungent and wet sweaty socks of an Empress excite you?

Take home a pair of the Empress' cummed in panties, pantyhose, or socks. All can be worn for as long as you would like, up to 4 days. 

Your choice of style/material. Current choices are:

Cotton : Bikini, G-string, Boyshort, Polyester G-string, Lace: Bikini, Thong, Boyshort. Cotton ankle socks, Bamboo Mid-calf length socks, Wool Knee High Length Socks, Cotton Toe socks and more!

If I do not have what you want in stock you are more than welcome to purchase them for me. 

Photos/Videos are available for an additional cost TBD with Empress. 

Length of wear is up to 4 days (96 hours). 

Masturbation (many times daily) or peeing in panties/pantyhose. 

Heavy exercise while wearing panties/panthose or socks. 

Heavy exercise & masturbation (many times daily) may be done in panties and/or pantyhose.