Corporal Punishment


In BDSM Corporal punishment sessions involves infliction of pain with the purpose of disciplining, correcting or reforming as a method of punishment to the slave for bad behavior.

Also known as CP. 


Corporal punishment methods includes beating, caning, flogging, spanking, paddling, OTK, whipping, and the use of stock or pillory among others.


In BDSM the offender usually is treated as a prisoner, slave or school boy. Who is corrected by either a Mistress, Empress, Head Mistress, Police Officer, Nanny, Strict Disciplinarian, etc.

Corporal Punishment Scenes

Domestic Discipline


Also know as DD, it is an old fashion discipline infringed in most of the houses by parents, grandparents, aunties, nannies or older sisters.

It involves all sort of punishment infringed by using the hand, wooden spoon, slippers, leather belts, soap bars, and all sort of domestic implements. 

School Discipline

School discipline are basically performed in a educational setting, where school boys may be disciplined and punished for their misbehavior.

School boys commonly are punished with canes, paddles, bamboo, straps, rulers on bare bottom or over the pants.

Judicial Corporal Punishment

Also known as JCP, is a corporal punishment as a result of a sentence. Discipline can be infringed by caning, flogging, strapping, whipping, while bound and helpless.